Commercial Loan Programs

Conventional Financing
Conventional financing offers many traditional choices which include 15, 25 and 30 year amortizations; including a multitude of fixed, balloon and adjustable alternatives. With conventional financing, borrowers are required to have a good credit history. The loan-to-values on commercial properties are 75% and 80% on apartment properties.

Sub-Prime Loans
Sub-prime mortgages allow borrowers with low incomes or bad credit ratings access to financing. They are known as "B", "C", or "D" loans and usually have higher interest rates and fees. Often the borrower is left with a large final "balloon" payment, which must be paid to satisfy the debt. Additionally, these type of loans are more apt to carry a prepayment penalty.

Hard Money Loans
Regardless of your past credit history, short term financing can be arranged secured against real estate or other financial assets. Any asset , real estate, tangible or intangible asset that has an identifiable market in which to liquidate the asset is eligible for a hard money lending program. Different lenders like different types of assets ranging from securities, real estate, accounts receivables, and many others.

Non-Recourse Financing
A non-recourse financing option does not require a personal guarantee which makes it the perfect loan program for corporate investing, partnerships, etc. Non-Recourse financing extends the financial benefits without personal liability.

SBA Loans
The SBA enables its lending partners to provide financing to small businesses when funding is otherwise unavailable on reasonable terms by guaranteeing major portions of loans made to small businesses. Up to 90% financing available, SBA loans can be closed in 30 days in most states. Funds can be used to acquire, renovate, expand, and refinance commercial real estate.

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